My Wonderful Companion

My Wonderful Companion

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Do the TPLO

Jasper's tightrope was a failure.  No matter how hard we tried and we tried hard.

Monday, March 7, 2011


At this point, I would be grateful if Jasper could just limp through life.  My whole concern was he was not able to weight on the injured leg at all.  He can put weight on it now.  That helps the other leg from getting injured.  Which in summary means Jasper won't be dying any day because he can't walk on either back leg.

However, if there is an infection in the tightrope then its a big ugly crappy mess.  They think they have to go back in and totally remove the tightrope. 

I really recommend the TPLO.  The percentage of success is higher.  The tightrope may get infected then they have to remove it and then you get to pay for the TPLO.  Thats $2000 plus $2000 plus $3000. 

We refuse to believe that Jasper isn't doing well.  There isn't any swelling or oozing.  He doesn't have a temp.  He improves every day.  His spirits are great.  More later...  :)

March 7th Update w video II

Here is another video of Jasper's progress. 

March 7th - Update w Video

Lessons Learned!!!  I really recommend the TPLO.  The vet isn't happy with Jasper's progress given its been 4 weeks and 3 days with the tightrope.  He wants to remove it permanently.  But given Jasper had to have the surgery redone to the open stitches both inside of knee and outside of skin on Feb 8th (no Hoodie lesson).  Also, the vet put a giant cast on Jasper for a week after that prevented him from walking.  Jasper is actually behind schedule on development 2 weeks. 
The video below is after a full day of increasing his walking from 10 to 20 mins.  He is limping, but he was very tired.  We are still comfortably forging ahead, but in the future would recommend the TPLO or minimumly just cleaning up the meniscus tear and getting out (like orthoscopic surgery on an adult).

Saturday, March 5, 2011

March 5th Update - 4 weeks 2 days post surgery

We haven't pushed Jasper.  Another vet at the hospital told us that dog's have a natural instinct to walk when they are ready.  We were also told by someone who said they had the surgery done by the inventor of the tightrope not to push him to much.
Jasper is still in his pen and will be for 8 more weeks.   He takes short walks 10 mins abut 6-7 times a day.  He circles around which he isn't supposed to do but we cant stop him.  He has jumped up a couple of times which we haven't been able to stop either.  Not unless we keep him completely drugged then he can't walk.
He walks on his leg 80-85 % of the time with a very definite limp.  But according to the documentation thats expected.
We haven't had much contact with our vet, because we lost faith in her judgement.  She wanted to redo Jasper's surgery without probable cause.  Jasper is fine.
I'll try to get an updated video.  I am happy that he can walk on it all for now.  He stopped his antibiotics yesterday.  Hopefully no infections will show up.  2 weeks cephalixin and 2 weeks baytril.  He is still on the tranquilizers.  Because otherwise he would be shoving the cage down and leaping in the air.  He is a 95 lb strong pushy dog.  Yes he has lost a few pounds since surgery.
He isn't supposed to be even close to normal for more than 12 weeks so we feel good about his progress.
I have to add that the DMSO spray solution we use is a not the 99%.  This is about 10-20% DMSO and the rest water.  99% burns a little and could cause your pet discomfort. 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jaspers meds - Feb 26th

Jasper is on Baytril to prevent bone infection.  Its $75.  He will have been on it for 2 weeks.
I also give him one Acepromazine a day.  Its a tranquilizer and one if very mild for a dog Jasper's size  It just keeps him from going crazy and being a tame dog.  I don't want him reinjuring himself by being too aggressive.

Jasper and physical therapy

This is what my vet said to do, but I have heard very knowledge people say this is way to aggressive a process.  We are not pushing Jasper.  If he doesn't do much more than he is now thats fine.  As long as the leg is flexible and he is using it mostly but babying it, we are ok.

week 1 - massage 5 -10 mins 3-4 times daily
               passive range exercises (bend and straighten the leg - you need a pro to show you how)
               short controlled leash walks 5 mins 3-4 times a day (potty trips)
week 2 - after the stitches come out, you can do cold therapy if its swollen or moist heat pack therapy if its not swollen
               I found it helpful to do the passive range exercises at this point before exercise
               massage 10 mins 3-4 times day
               passive range exercise 15 reps, 3-4 times a day
               short leash walks 3-4 times a day for 5-10 mins
week 3   moist heat pack
              massage 10 mins 2-3 times a day
              if his is using leg well, you can discontinue the passive range motion exercise
              slow controlled leash walk 15 mins 3-4 times a day
              sit-stand exercise
              stop icing
week 4   all the same stuff, but add figure 8s
week 5-8   same stuff but add curb work and slight incline work
week 9-12  same stuff

Vet recommened professional therapy places with water treadmills and swimming.  I can't afford that and Jasper has never been swimming.  He would love it.  Freak out and injure himself.