My Wonderful Companion

My Wonderful Companion

Monday, March 7, 2011


At this point, I would be grateful if Jasper could just limp through life.  My whole concern was he was not able to weight on the injured leg at all.  He can put weight on it now.  That helps the other leg from getting injured.  Which in summary means Jasper won't be dying any day because he can't walk on either back leg.

However, if there is an infection in the tightrope then its a big ugly crappy mess.  They think they have to go back in and totally remove the tightrope. 

I really recommend the TPLO.  The percentage of success is higher.  The tightrope may get infected then they have to remove it and then you get to pay for the TPLO.  Thats $2000 plus $2000 plus $3000. 

We refuse to believe that Jasper isn't doing well.  There isn't any swelling or oozing.  He doesn't have a temp.  He improves every day.  His spirits are great.  More later...  :)

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