My Wonderful Companion

My Wonderful Companion

Saturday, March 5, 2011

March 5th Update - 4 weeks 2 days post surgery

We haven't pushed Jasper.  Another vet at the hospital told us that dog's have a natural instinct to walk when they are ready.  We were also told by someone who said they had the surgery done by the inventor of the tightrope not to push him to much.
Jasper is still in his pen and will be for 8 more weeks.   He takes short walks 10 mins abut 6-7 times a day.  He circles around which he isn't supposed to do but we cant stop him.  He has jumped up a couple of times which we haven't been able to stop either.  Not unless we keep him completely drugged then he can't walk.
He walks on his leg 80-85 % of the time with a very definite limp.  But according to the documentation thats expected.
We haven't had much contact with our vet, because we lost faith in her judgement.  She wanted to redo Jasper's surgery without probable cause.  Jasper is fine.
I'll try to get an updated video.  I am happy that he can walk on it all for now.  He stopped his antibiotics yesterday.  Hopefully no infections will show up.  2 weeks cephalixin and 2 weeks baytril.  He is still on the tranquilizers.  Because otherwise he would be shoving the cage down and leaping in the air.  He is a 95 lb strong pushy dog.  Yes he has lost a few pounds since surgery.
He isn't supposed to be even close to normal for more than 12 weeks so we feel good about his progress.
I have to add that the DMSO spray solution we use is a not the 99%.  This is about 10-20% DMSO and the rest water.  99% burns a little and could cause your pet discomfort. 

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