My Wonderful Companion

My Wonderful Companion

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day 4 - redoing the stitches

Jasper is in the vet hospital.  I didn't make him wear the hoodie.  I thought I could watch him.  I sat in a recliner and watched him all the time.  But at some point I must have turned away and he quickly chewed the stitches.  They tore on the outside and inside.  They dr had to go in and flush the wound and restitch every thing.  They required 24 hrs of iv antibiotics and there is a higher chance of bone infection now.
Never ever let your dog be without his plastic hoodie until the dr says its ok.
Also, they are wrapping the leg every 3 days now.  It takes a professional to wrap it so that it doesn't cut off circulation to the leg, but it will protect the surgery better.
You don't have to say bad things about me.  I feel like crap.  He was so unhappy with the hoodie.  I thought I could just sit with him and it would be ok.
It wasn't.
There is an ice storm today and I get Jasper this afternoon.

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