My Wonderful Companion

My Wonderful Companion

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Feb 26th - more info

We bought the 48 in crate for a really great price on Ebay, but we haven't used it.  However, if there is an emergency and we need to go anyway.  Its nice to know we have the crate to keep Jasper in.  The pen is perfect for the house, but too large for company's homes.
The pen I bought for the outside is pretty much useless since outside time is when they want him leash walked for exercise of the leg.  A pen isn't helpful in the yard.
The harness wasn't helpful either.  The vet's office said they use a towel, but Jasper only needed support 1 day and we just grabbed him around the waist.
I'll see if I can find my video cam and get Jasper in action.

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