My Wonderful Companion

My Wonderful Companion

Monday, February 7, 2011

Tightrope Day 3 - the daily issues with tightrope

We keep this pen in the bedroom in case Jasper gets routy, needs to go potty, or has any problems during the night.  He is happier when he is with us.  One of the other dogs will sleep beside the pen at night and keep Jasper company.  It makes him feel better.  I bought 2 because I didnt want to be moving pens all the time and I have to keep a constant hold on Jasper when he is out of his pen, so it would have been almost impossible for me by myself to move the pen all the time.
Jasper is an indoor dog.  This surgery would be really hard to control with an outdoor dog.  Mainly keeping them calm, no jumping, no lunging, no running.  Also, there is a 75% CHANCE of blowing out the ACL in the other leg.  Jasper hopped around with 3 legs for 3 weeks before his surgery.  We are hoping this activity built up his other leg.  He is a little more weight baring than normal too.  So this might ease the other leg's stress.
The little dog is Andy.  He keeps Jasper company.

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