My Wonderful Companion

My Wonderful Companion

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tightrope Decisions Decisions

You know the thing about any surgery is bad things happen.  I know a 12 year old in Amarillo that died during a tonsil surgery.  Bad things happen.  The success rate for tightrope and tplo are both really close.  The percent of complications are lower on tightrope.  60 % chance of blowing the other knee?  Well my dog has been 3 legged since Sept.  So the other knee is pretty strong now.  I think that might be an advantage to waiting.  You build up the other leg.  Maybe I am wrong.  We will find out.
I have a great big Indian blanket that I am going to put on the floor in the house, so he can walk easier.
I would love professional physical therapy, but I don't see that anywhere as an option.  We could use one of those in the neighborhood.

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