My Wonderful Companion

My Wonderful Companion

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Feb 26th Jasper update - 23 days after surgery

Ok.  Jasper had the surgery Feb 3rd, Thursday.  On Monday Feb 7th he tore open his stitches because I left his hoodie off.  So Tuesday he was put under and the stitches were redone.  Another 24 hrs at the vets with antibiotics.  They put a giant wrap around the leg because they didn't trust me.  But I really think this caused more problems than helped.  Jasper held his leg ackwardly.  It fell down and we cut it off.
On the 17th the dr saw Jasper.  He was hoping and not using his leg.  She felt this was horrible.  Jasper had a skin infection that they weren't sure if it was a bone infection.  She put him on antibiotics.
On the 24th the dr saw Jasper again.  He was walking on all 4 legs and the infection wasn't swollen at all.  For some reason, she insisted he still had a bone infection and wanted to reoperate on Jaspers leg.
Jasper is walking on all 4 legs and there is no swelling and no temperature.  We said no surgery.  The vet that is monitoring Jaspers process is not the surgery dr and according to the paper work of progress he is right where he is supposed to be.
Jasper is really strong and determined.  I am worried he will blow out the surgery just in the leash walks.  It would have helped if he was better leash trained when this started.
I love love love the pen was bought on Ebay.  I have pictures of it on the supplies post.  Not the crate.  The pen.  We modified it when he was first out of surgery to be really small and increased it to its full size when he needed to be a little more active.  Its 36 inches tall.  We had to turn it upside down because we didn't want him to step up to get into it.  I will try to get a picture of that for you.

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