My Wonderful Companion

My Wonderful Companion

Monday, February 7, 2011

Jasper Day 3 after Tightrope surgery

So you could get an idea of his progress.  We watch his eyes so we can tell a lot about his pain level.  We have an excel spreadsheet to track meds.  There are 4 meds at all different times of day.  This is a must.  We noticed that with Jasper 8 hrs is too long.  His meds run out after 7 hrs.  He whimpers hysterically and is in pain if we wait 8 hrs.
The instructions say Jasper should toe touch but not weight bare until week 3.  He was weight baring after the 2nd day, but it was very brief moments.  I hope that isn't a problem.  We see the vet today for a checkup and to remove the bandages.
The vet said it was important he pee'd and poo'd regularly.  He was a little slow on the peeing, but we kept the water going and it finally happened.
The floor in the vets office is cement and slick.  I hope we don't have a problem.  He isn't supposed to slide around when he walks.  Mats, rugs, and carpet are all good. 
We bought two kennels, a 48" dog crate, a Martha Stewart anti-fatigue mat (Home Depot), an extra large outdoor rug mat.  Love them all.  Never used the harness that people told us we would need.  Must be for dogs that didnt stand as quickly as Jasper.

48" Pet Folding Dog Cat Crate Cage Kennel w/ABS Tray LC  - valuemassage is the dealer $59.88 total with shipping!  On Ebay!

According to the vet, most people can't keep their dog from bolting, jumping, and contained for 12 weeks.  But TPLO has same limitations as the Tightrope.  We bought the pens so that he wouldn't be stuck in a crate for 12 weeks and it would give us a chance to have a normal life.

Pet Dog Cat Play Exercise Pen Playpen w/Carry Case 4S  $50.99 total!

We had to change the size to 2 ft x 4 ft for a long long time.  It was really easy and just took me a few seconds.  The doctor didn't want him having this much room.  But he loves the openness to the house and the family.  The only problem was that Jasper would ram the pen and try to escape, so I put a few broomsticks in the corners to secure it better.  This also deterred him from jumping up, which he did try to do once.
He also tried to jump up on me when we were walking.  I quickly tapped him on the head and yelled NO!  He hasn't done that again.

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